Order Fulfillment Services

Order Fulfillment Services

Logistiko was created with the goal of increasing the use of order fulfillment services around the world. What distinguishes us from others and gives us the opportunity to pursue this goal is our own unique technology combined with perfection in customer service. Like our customers – who are the experts in their fields and leaders in their respective industries – we are the experts in delivering order fulfillment services around the world. We manage your orders, and you can concentrate on growing your business and doing what is the most important to achieve that goal. As one of the most innovative logistics companies on the market, our systems are integrated with the largest and the most popular CRM and ecommerce systems in the world. This allows us to assist almost any business in almost every aspect. Our recognized technology and enormous resources allow you to enjoy the latest and the best technology without a huge, ever-increasing financial outlay. Logistiko allows you to reduce handling and infrastructure costs of order processing, and to use the money saved this way for investing in and developing your core business.

Electronic sales, whether retail, wholesale or complete supply chain cycles, require a comprehensive order management system. Logistiko simplifies order processing for businesses operating in the e-commerce sector. Our state-of-the-art warehouse is equipped with specialized equipment and uses cutting edge technologies. This ensures a high flexibility of the whole system, so Logistiko can provide order fulfillment services for ecommerce businesses ranging from small private traders selling their products on auction sites to large online stores, both specializing in specific niches and offering a wide range of product categories.

How do an order fulfillment services work?

We are ecommerce industry experts with many years of experience, so everyone at Logistiko understands the processes and sales cycles in this industry. Business-to-business orders tend to be made on a rational, logical basis because more than one person in the business usually influences the decision, and the purchase is almost always a result of a pre-existing need. On the other hand, business-to-consumer (retail) orders, by the very nature of retail consumers, are often impulse purchases, emotionally driven, often without any prior need. The differences in purchase cycles and the reasons for their existence are as varied as the variety of products offered to customers. Fortunately, the storage capacity of our warehouse and our advanced logistics infrastructure, with the ability to integrate our API with multiple ecommerce platforms, make it easy to manage all types of sales. Logistiko allows your products to reach more customers. With our help, your ecommerce business will achieve a global reach. Our staff, including the best programmers and top logistics and warehousing experts, are highly dedicated to promptly answering your questions, resolving doubts and helping you achieve the highest possible sales.

Not all order fulfillment services are equal

The ecommerce sector has been developing very dynamically. For this reason, more and more companies emerge that want to provide various solutions for businesses operating in the ecommerce sector. Unfortunately, not all companies that claim to provide a comprehensive order fulfillment service for your business will be actually able to meet your expectations. Fortunately – there is Logistiko. A company you can trust to provide you with a comprehensive order fulfillment service. Warehousing, logistics and supply chain handling are processes that take up a lot of time and consume a lot of resources and staff energy. Logistiko has the right infrastructure and resources to be the leader on the global fulfillment market. We will carry out the most difficult operations – for you.

With Logistiko, you can avoid huge costs associated with order processing, employment and supervision of staff. Our crew will do everything for you. Your stock inventory stored in our warehouse will be ready for immediate packing and shipping to your customers. Our warehouse operation is optimized to meet the delivery requirements for your product within 24 hours of placing an order. If you wanted to do it yourself, you would have to devote a lot of your valuable time and hard work – but you can entrust all that to our qualified staff and focus on overseeing the growth of your business. Logistiko customers can access their stock data 24/7 via a dedicated dashboard. This way they can manage their stock anytime, anywhere. Combining your ecommerce business with Logistiko allows you to save money and time that you would otherwise need to devote to the implementation of new procedures and systems yourself.

What to look for in an order fulfillment service center?

Logistiko order fulfillment service center can also handle one of the most difficult sales related processes for you: the returns. Our team will check all goods returned to our warehouse. We will handle all checks for you: visual and physical/technical, and the entire process will be thoroughly documented using photos. Our team will assess whether the returned goods meet the criteria you previously specified, and if everything is in order, will accept the goods back into your inventory. If the goods are suitable for resale, they will be saved in the system. You will be informed about everything, and the entire process will be displayed in your user panel, as will be the information about damaged products and products unsuitable for resale.

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