Goods receipt

Source of delivery

Goods receipt is not difficult. Goods can be delivered to the Logistiko warehouse from various sources – you can send them from your warehouse, from the wholesaler or directly from the producer. It is important to always abide by the following rules to improve the correct identification of each delivery (and the products it contains) and to speed up the delivery receipt process.

Send the consignment at your expense – by post, courier, or your own means of transport.

Notification of delivery

The warehouse must be informed about every expected delivery at least 1 day before the day of delivery (in the case of larger deliveries, e.g. shipping containers, full truck loads etc. we suggest informing the warehouse at least a few days before the delivery). This allows the warehouse staff to prepare and organise their operations in such a way to be able to accept the delivery as quickly as possible.

Notification form for goods receipt

To inform the warehouse about an expected delivery, please complete the form: “Create new delivery” in the “Deliveries” menu in the customer panel.

  • Supplier’s name (source of delivery on the shipping list)
  • Scheduled delivery date
  • Delivery method (courier, driver etc.)
  • List of products included in the delivery and the expected quantities

Additionally, you can include other information about the delivery to aid the warehouse staff, e.g. packaging method or information regarding handling of the goods.

After completing all the necessary data, please send the form by clicking the “Finished” button.

Marking the delivery

After creating the notification, a label is generated for each delivery.

Goods receipt

When a delivery arrives at the warehouse, the warehouse staff verify the contents of the delivery against the delivery documentation (usually the Goods Issued Note), check the visual condition for any damage and confirm the receipt of the delivery to the deliverer/courier/driver. At this stage the content is not verified against your delivery note, only the information given by the deliverer/driver is checked (e.g. the pallets are counted, not the quantity of units on the pallet or in bulk containers). If the delivery is damaged in any way or it is suspected that somebody may have damaged its integrity – the warehouse staff prepares photo documentation and places relevant notes on the notice of receipt.

Acceptance of goods

After receiving the goods, the warehouse staff begin the process of goods acceptance. The delivery is checked in detail and its consistency with your delivery note is verified. In case of any discrepancies, they will be indicated in the delivery and made visible on the delivery note in the customer panel.

If the delivery contains new products which have not been present before, the warehouse staff will take photos which will be available in the product details on the customer panel.

Goods available for sale

After the goods acceptance, they will be placed in the warehouse. They will then be available for sale/release.

Goods receipt e-mail notifications

After every acceptance you may receive an e-mail notification about the acceptance containing a list of all accepted products and/or information about any discrepancies between the delivery and your delivery note.