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Logistiko Customs Agency

As one of the very few companies in Poland, we provide such a comprehensive service, namely fulfilment together with our own customs agency, which represents business entities in matters related to the trade of goods abroad. Since 2015, we possess the AEO status, thanks to which the goods cleared by us are subject to fewer physical and document controls than the goods of other entrepreneurs, and the entire trade is faster and safer.

How does our customs agency operate?

Our customs agency performs all activities provided for by the customs law – it constitutes a professional representative who represents the client before the customs and tax authorities. 

The areas handled by our customs agency include:

Our offer

  • import customs clearance
  • export customs clearance
  • customs handling of goods included in the temporary storage procedure 
  • corrective procedures 
  • retrospective customs clearance 
  • representing a company or person before the Customs Office (customs authorization)
  • obtaining the EORI number

Do you have any other responsibilities that our customs agency can perform for you? Contact us and find out the details.

Why is it worth taking advantage of our customs agency?

Take advantage of Logistiko’s services because:

fulfilment with complete customs services

we take advantage of simplified customs clearance procedures, which shortens the time of customs clearance and VAT settlement

we have many years of experience in fulfillment and foreign trade – also with third countries

We possess the AEO status since 2015

Our company Logistiko Sp. z o.o. on 17.11.2015 obtained the AEO status no. PLAEOC350000150070 by the decision of the Director of the Customs Chamber in Krakow. The AEO status means that the company meets a number of conditions. What conditions?

  • Complies with customs legislation
  • Possesses a system for managing commercial records and Transport records, which enables proper customs control
  • Has documented solvency
  • Is a reliable partner for the customs administration of the European Union

What does the AEO status provide?

Fewer document and physical controls

In the case of controls, a priority of the shipment over other ones
Prior notification of which shipment has been selected for inspection
Possibility to choose the place of inspection
Freer access to customs simplification 
Exclusivity for using certain customs simplifications

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