First delivery

For the first delivery it is important to learn how to prepare it in such a way that the warehouse staff are able to process it quickly and without error. The first delivery, also known as stocking, is usually more difficult than the following deliveries since the warehouse staff are not yet familiar with your stock. Therefore, it is crucial to provide the most accurate description of all the products and to create a full list of the contents of the delivery. To improve the delivery receipt process and ensure that no mistakes are made, please follow the following steps carefully:

Adding products to the goods register

A well-prepared goods register that includes all the products you want to ship from
a Logistiko warehouse will help the warehouse staff identify the delivered products properly and speed up delivery receipt. Each product in the product register should be described by several characteristics:

  • Product name
  • Bar code (EAN)
  • Your product marking
  • Product value

In the “product name” field please provide a name, preferably the name that appears on the product packaging so that the warehouse staff can use it to check if the product received is the expected one.

The bar code (EAN) is the key marking for the product as it forms the basis for all the operations in the warehouse. If you know the bar code of the product, enter it in this field. What should you do if you do not know the EAN code or the product does not have one? In such a case you do not have to enter the code. The warehouse staff will identify the product on the basis of other information. If the product does not have a bar code, our system will assign one to the product (you can see it in the register after clicking on “Details” on the list of products). If you know that a product does not have a bar code and will need one assigned – please inform your Logistiko account manager before shipping takes place so that the best way of marking the product is chosen to avoid mistakes during the goods receipt process.

Your product marking (system code) is any product marking (code, symbol, etc.) that you use in your store system etc. It can by any set of characters, letters and/or numbers that makes communication with the warehouse staff easier and ensure the consistency of your product range between different systems (store and warehouse system).

The value of the product allows us to guarantee that the warehouse is insured for the full value of the stored goods at all times. What is more, entering the value speeds up generation of the shipping lists since the system knows for how much the consignment should be insured.

Clearly and unambiguously identify the products intended for delivery to the Logistiko warehouse

When all your products have bar codes assigned and you have entered the bar code of each product on the goods register – your work here is done. Our system (and warehouse staff) will identify the product properly on the basis of the bar code.

To speed up the delivery receipt process, please remember this advice:

  • Products of different types (e.g. if you sell clothes, then every product and every size) should be packed separately (into boxes or bags) before putting them into the bulk container they are going to be shipped in. This will speed up the identification of the product groups and hence delivery receipt.
  • Products of different types should be additionally described on the packaging (the box etc. containing a given product) – it can be any of the information from the goods register, i.e. name, bar code or your marking (symbol).
  • Similar products (e.g. different sizes of the same item of clothing) should not be placed next to each other in the container.

Create the first delivery in the Logistiko panel. It must contain a precise list of the shipped products

Log into your account on, click on “Deliveries” and then on “Create new”. Complete the information regarding the arrival of the delivery and the type and amount of the products. This allows the warehouse staff to keep track of the products and verify whether the quantities accepted to the warehouse are consistent with that expected.

Mark the first delivery

After creating a delivery note, now download a delivery label. This is the delivery reference number assigned by our system. You can print the label (or write it down with a marker) and permanently attach it to every product box you send to the Logistiko warehouse. This allows the warehouse staff to immediately and unambiguously acknowledge the receipt of the goods and identify to which notification the current delivery relates. This speeds up the delivery receipt process significantly.

Deliver the goods to the Logistiko warehouse

Send the consignment to the following address:

Logistiko Sp. z o.o.
ul. Grunwaldzka 5a
99-300 Kutno POLAND

Send the consignment at your expense – by post, courier, or your own means of transport.