Order handling

Transferring orders

This is the first step of order handling. Orders from your store / online auction / etc. may be submitted to the warehouse in different ways:

  • Entering the orders manually in the customer’s profile
  • This is easiest way of entering orders and the most convenient for stores with no more than 20-30 orders daily.
  • Mass import of orders from a CSV file
  • The customer panel can be used to import large numbers of orders from CSV files created in MS Excel etc.
  • System integration
  • Orders from the store go directly to an intermediary system (Way2Send), which is able to accumulate orders from multiple sale channels and transfer them to Logistiko. The orders may be edited before being transferred (useful when selling goods via the Allegro auction service, for example).
  • Automatic order transfer via API
  • Orders from the store go directly to our warehousing system.

Order picking

This is a process of locating and collecting products in the warehouse to suit an order. The warehouse employee receives information about a new order via the warehouse terminal. He can see the list of necessary products, and is directed to the shelf on which the first product is located. After reaching the shelf he confirms that he is in the correct place by scanning the shelf code.

Then he receives information about the type and quantity of product to pick up. Obtaining the products is confirmed again by scanning the product bar code. Those activities are repeated until the last product has been collected.

Verification of the correctness in order handling

This is one of the most important step in order handling. After picking, the order goes to the packing area. Another warehouse employee takes the picked products and performs the picking correctness check, i.e. he checks whether the order contains all the required products in the correct quantities. The verification means scanning the bar codes of all the products again. This allows the system to confirm the correctness automatically.

Order packing

If the order is correct, the process of packing the goods begins. For every type of product you can define the type of packaging, type of cardboard and the filler (bubble wrap, air bags etc.) to be used. After packing the order according to the instructions, the warehouse employee finishes the order, then prints the shipping note plus any additional documents that are to be attached to the package.

Release (sending orders)

At the end of order handling, packed orders go to the release area, where they wait to be picked up by the relevant courier. Every courier company we use has a designated place for storing packages. In this way we are able to minimise the risk that courier A’s packages are collected by courier B. Package collection times are individually agreed with each courier company.