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Logistiko is not only an expert in the field of fulfillment, but also an indispensable partner offering a range of additional services that fully support the development of our clients’ businesses.

Our temporary storage facility is the heart of logistics. It doesn’t only ensure safety, but also efficiently handles customs formalities. We employ the latest technologies, which allows us to effectively manage inventories and keep track of every single production unit.

As a customs agency, we have vast experience and know-how required to handle complex export and import processes. Our team of experts ensures that all international transactions are handled quickly, smoothly and according to applicable law.

We offer flexible customs warehouse solutions by adapting storage conditions to specific regulatory requirements of different industries, as well as a repair procedure, which allows our clients to legally and efficiently return goods to the market upon their repair or processing.

Additionally, we offer comprehensive logistics consulting services, helping our clients streamline their delivery supply chains and achieve operational efficiency. We are always ready to adapt our services to the individual needs of our clients. We deliver solutions that support business expansion to international markets.

By working with Logistiko, you do not only get proven fulfillment services, but also a reliable partner that is committed to your success on all levels of logistics. You can trust us — we’ll help your business develop efficiently and with great success.

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