E-commerce fulfilment

Discover the possibilities offered by the e-commerce fulfilment service

What does the e-commerce fulfilment service consist of?

6 elements of fulfilment

Quick goods acceptance into stock

Goods acceptance is as soon as possible. Delivered goods are accepted into stock no later than within two working days from the date of receipt of delivery, in the case of deliveries received after 14:00 CET. In the case of deliveries received before 14:00, we accept the goods no later than on the next working day, unless the customer decides otherwise.

Precise verification of every delivery

During unloading we conduct an initial delivery correctness inspection, verifying any visible damage, access to content and the protection of goods (seals on the shipping containers etc.).

If any irregularities are found regarding the content of the delivery, packaging etc., then we create photographic documentation of such occurrence and give it to the customer.

The location of our warehouse is convenient for delivery services.

Our warehouse is located in a logistics centre near Warsaw, close to the major transportation hubs. Such a convenient location allows the delivery services to reach our warehouse without problems.

Taking photographs of new products

During the acceptance of new products (not present in the goods register before), at the customer’s request, we create their photographic documentation, which is then attached to the product in the goods register of the WMS system.

We will never run out of storage capacity

We provide great goods storage. The warehouse facilitates the storage of pallets (over 3,000 storage places) and mixed cargo. Small goods are placed on shelves on a two-floor entresol.

Perfect goods storage – optimal conditions for all types of goods

The warehouse and rooms are air-conditioned and have automatic air humidity control.

Your goods are safe

The goods our customers entrust to us for safekeeping undergo constant quantity inspections (continuous inventory control). Their storage location is optimised according to their popularity (number of releases) to minimise the time needed to pick orders. Every product is insured to the full value of the goods.

Wide range of packaging and package protection

Bundle packing our clients goods is very important for us. We offer a wide range of packaging, allowing you to choose the most suitable envelope, box or filler for each product.

Professional bundle packing tables

Professional packing tables speed up the process of packing and guarantee that the sent packages are not dirty or damaged.

Standardised packing procedures

Our experienced warehouse team and our packing procedures guarantee the highest safety level of every consignment and packing standard suitable for each type of goods.

Quick order completion

We provide complex and quick order completion. Thanks to the extended opening hours of our warehouse (07:00-21:00 CET), all orders from your store placed before 18:00 will be sent to the customers on the same day.

Efficient shipping regardless of the size of the product range

Our proprietary WMS system and use of bar codes speed up the operations of the warehouse staff, allowing them to complete orders quickly and efficiently even in the case of new products.

Minimal risk of mistakes

Double control (at the picking stage, i.e. collecting goods from shelves, and again at the packing stage), supported by the WMS system, minimises the risk of making a mistake at the release.

Return forms dedicated to every order

We have prepared a dedicated return form to make it easier for your customers to follow the return procedure and to keep you up-to-date with accepted and planned returns.

We cooperate with https://wygodnezwroty.pl/

Thorough verification of returns

Every returned products undergoes thorough verification of its condition. You can create
a list of items to be verified before offering a product for sale again, separately for each product.

Photographic documentation of returned goods

Every returned product can be photographed by the warehouse staff to allow you to evaluate its condition.

  • shipments from PLN 7,80
  • cash on delivery from PLN 1,50
  • next day delivery
National delivery
Economy registered letternet prices start at PLN 4.20
InPost package machinenet prices start at PLN 6.99
Pocztex Couriers 48 (up to 30 kg)net prices start at PLN 7.80
DPD (up to 5 kg)net prices start at PLN 10.16

International delivery
Shipping to Germanynet prices start at PLN 20.53
Shipping to the United Kingdomnet prices start at PLN 30.97
Shipping to the USAnet prices start at PLN 35.00
Shipping to Australianet prices start at PLN 35.00

The couriers collects packages at 21:00 CET, so an order sent to the warehouse before 18:00 CET will be packed on the same day.

Send your parcel post without leaving your house. A post office employee will collect it from our warehouse.

Additional services

DPD Classicvalue up to PLN 5000 FREE!
FedEx Prorityvalue up to PLN 5000 FREE!
UPS Standardvalue up to PLN 323 FREE!
Pocztex Ekspres 24value up to PLN 5000 FREE!
Pocztex Kurier 48value up to PLN 1000 FREE!
Cash on delivery
DPD Classicup to PLN 11 000 – PLN 2
FedEx Prorityup to PLN 1 000 – PLN 1,50
Pocztex Ekspres 24up to PLN 20 000 – PLN 1,50
Pocztex Kurier 48up to PLN 20 000 – PLN 1,50

Current price list of courier services

Who is our offer directed to?

Online shops

Stationary shops with an e-shop

How does it work?

E-commerce fulfilment – why is it worth it?


The more developed the business, the more effectively fulfilment allows you to handle the increasing number of orders. 

Variable cost

Fulfilment allows converting fixed costs into variable costs, depending on the actual number of sent packages.


Fulfilment gives you control over the quality of warehouse work, comparable to managing your own warehouse.


Settlements based on the actual use of warehouse space and the amount of work.


Fulfilment allows for logistics services for online stores operating in various industries.


Handling the logistics of an online store on your own consumes much more time.


Our storage WMS system is integrated, among others, with:

  • Allegro
  • Magento
  • PrestaShop
  • Shoper
  • WooCommerce

E-commerce fulfilment quote

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