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We respond to the growing market and needs of our clients by expanding our logistics services. That is why we have obtained a permit to run a customs warehouse.

A customs warehouse is a strategic solution for businesses carrying out international trade operations. It makes it significantly easier to manage their supply chain.

We offer customs warehouse services within the temporary storage facility operated by our company. Kutno is strategically located in the heart of Poland. It provides excellent access to key transport routes and domestic logistics infrastructure. Our customs warehouse offers safe and state-of-the-art goods storage conditions, which is essential for effective supply chain management and the highest quality of customer service.

Why choose Logistiko’s customs warehouse?

By choosing Logistiko’s customs warehouse, our clients can be sure that their goods are stored according to the highest standards. Our customs warehouse in Kraków provides flexibility and adaptability to individual business needs, which is invaluable in today’s dynamically changing world of commerce. With Logistiko, a customs warehouse becomes more than a storage location — it is the strategic element of your supply chain.

Join Logistiko!

By working with Logistiko, you do not only gain access to our state-of-the-art customs warehouse in Kutno, but also comprehensive logistics support services provided by our experienced team. Outsourcing logistics to an external company — such as Logistiko — provides numerous benefits:

  • Cost optimization: outsourcing logistics to Logistiko allows you to significantly reduce operating costs, which improves your business’s profitability.
  • Focus on your core business: handing over your logistics to us allows you to focus on the development and growth of your business, without worrying about the details of operations.
  • Safety and compliance: our customs warehouse in Kutno ensures safe goods storage and full compliance with customs regulations, minimizing the risk of delays and legal issues.
  • Flexibility and meeting market needs: our flexible inventory management capabilities allow your business to quickly adapt to changing market needs.
  • High quality of service: by choosing Logistiko, you partner with an experienced and professional team that provides a high quality of service and operational efficiency.
  • Ease of mind: you can focus on other aspects of your business, knowing that your goods are in the right hands and that your logistics processes are handled efficiently and professionally.
  • Access to the latest technology: our customs warehouse in Kutno employs the latest technologies in order to ensures the safety and efficiency of logistics operations.

Working with Logistiko allows you to optimize costs, gain operational efficiency and ease of mind, knowing that your goods are in the right hands. Partner with Logistiko and join a large group of satisfied customers.

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