How it works

Creating an account and completing tests

Create an account and test it free of charge. Go to test page to learn about system operation. By completing the tests, you do not commit to anything. If you decide upon cooperation and send your first delivery to us, fees will start to apply. Would you like to find out more? Watch our video or go through the applicable topic in the help section. Our advisors will be happy to answer any of your questions.


An order placed by your Customer can be sent directly to our panel. We are integrated with numerous e-commerce systems, such as: Allegro, Click Shop, eBay, Ebexo, IAI, I-Systems, Magento, PrestaShop, Shoper, Sklepicom, SoteShop, and WooCommerce. If you have a different system and would like it to be integrated, let us know! Do you prefer to enter or upload orders manually? It is very simple! See all the features of our system, test them free of charge and choose the best option for you!

First delivery and stock up

Stock up is free! Make sure that the products are described well and prepared for verification. Fill out the delivery form and arrange a convenient shipping date with our warehouse. The first delivery is always more difficult, that is why you should ensure that products are marked properly. According to the information given about the contents, we will check the products, place them in our warehouse and you’re all set! From this point on, you can start selling.

Placing an order

A Customer places an order at your shop and all information relating to that order is then sent to our warehouse system via a method of your choice (API integration, manual entry or CSV import). All this is done so that the order can be processed and delivered to your Customer as soon as possible.


Sales and shipping

You sell, we ship! You can check order status at any point – from the moment the Customer makes a purchase to the point when the parcel is ready for shipping. Our warehouse operates until 9 p.m. and we try to optimise and automate our processes so that orders placed before 6 p.m. are prepared for shipping on the same day.


We also accept returnss. After confirming the order, your Customer will receive a dedicated refund form which makes it possible for them to return a product without difficulty, while we (and you) can quickly obtain information about any planned refund. Upon request, the returned product is photographed and assessed by us in terms of its suitability for further sales.


Storage fees are collected in advance. Every customer has a dedicated account with us which can be charged with an amount used to pay for the service. At the end of each month, we issue a collective invoice that covers all warehouse operations completed in the previous month.