Repair procedure

As an experienced provider of transport and fulfillment services, we also offer comprehensive repair services for goods stored in a customs warehouse.


The procedure allows our clients to save on customs duties and taxes by repairing or maintaining goods under customs and tax surveillance.

Goal and benefits of a repair procedure

The repair procedure aims to facilitate goods trade and stimulate investments in goods repair and maintenance. We provide the following benefits:

  • Exemption from customs duties for goods under customs and tax surveillance.
  • Repairs and maintenance provided by any entity within the European Union.
  • No time limits for goods stored in a customs warehouse.
  • Simple reporting and supervision processes without long customs approval times.

Our service offering

  • Drawing up and submitting applications to a customs warehouse along with a note on the repair procedure.
  • Providing transport, insurance and storage within customs warehouses.
  • Ordering and supervising repair and maintenance work along with labeling and identification by customs authorities.
  • Drawing up customs documentation following a repair.

Goods processing procedure

Goods processing is the process of adapting products to the applicable Polish and European standards and regulations. The procedure consists of three steps:

  1. Opening a goods repair procedure.
  2. Repairing and adapting goods, including labeling and documentation.
  3. Re-declaring goods for customs clearance.

Most frequently repaired goods

We repair various products, including toys, electronics and other goods that need to meet general safety regulations.

The actual repair capabilities of each product depend on the specific requirements and a decision of a given customs office. In some cases, the decisions are contingent on following customs and safety regulations as well as meeting quality criteria that may be different for various product categories.

Repair procedure costs

The costs are evaluated on an individual basis, depending on the number and type of goods, and the reason for not allowing them to be placed on the market in the first place.

Frequently asked questions

  • Can my product be repaired? You will be notified of it by the market surveillance authority.
  • Do I have to repair my product? No, you can transfer the goods outside of the EU or dispose of them.
  • How long does the repair take? Typically, repairs take up to a month. However, more time might be required depending on how complex the procedure is.

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