Global Fulfillment Services

Global Fulfillment Services

Logistiko provides its customers with global fulfillment services. Our warehouse, situated close to the geographical center of Europe, allows us to reach the whole world with our shipments. It does not matter if you run a business in the United States, Australia, Brazil, the UK – or anywhere else. You can move your stock to our warehouse and begin to process your orders through Logistiko. Your products will reach your customers as quickly as possible. Your orders will be handled by our qualified staff who can pick and pack the goods for shipping within few minutes. With Logistiko, you can manage your account using a well designed and user-friendly user interface. You can monitor stock status, track active orders and product returns, and all this in real-time 24/7. You always have the most suitable storage and the cheapest and fastest shipping available. Our experienced team of specialists will match you with the right plan and create a tailor-made customized warehouse space for you.

Our package of comprehensive global fulfillment services is tailored to a wide range of operations. We handle orders for small businesses, medium enterprises, and large wholesalers. We process orders from different sources. Our customers include B2B and B2C sellers, and thanks to our modern management system we are able to adapt our services for any type of business. Our experience in running third party logistics services, combined with our order management system ensure that our customers’ orders are completed rapidly, with a meticulous attention to detail, and accompanied by excellent customer service. Our advanced shipping system is very accurate and allows us to save a lot of time – and avoid stress – for our customers by eliminating incorrectly shipped items. Never again you will have to pay for extra packaging materials or cover the additional cost of re-shipping the same package.

Are a global fulfillment services suitable for your business?

The members of Logistiko’s professional team are very well versed in laws and regulations in different countries and the procedures applying to global fulfillment services in different parts of the world. The tax laws of individual countries are also not a secret to us, so we will help you avoid additional costs and international tax traps. Our knowledge of global fulfillment services includes issues ranging from shipping and packing the parcels to declaring their value to the rules concerning types of packaging and packaging language requirements. Thanks to Logistiko you will save a lot of time and avoid stress as you will no longer have to negotiate the legal maze on your own. Our warehouse also has special storage facilities for unusual products such as medicines and special refrigerated areas ready for the most diverse goods our customers sell.

The Logistiko warehouse is located in the central part of Europe, in Poland, near a motorway junction, and within easy reach of an international airport. It is a perfect location for shipping goods all over Europe, but also to other parts of the world. Fast shipping from a strategic location in Europe will deliver significant savings of time and money for our customers. The location of a logistics service center – our ecommerce fulfillment service warehouse – is one of the most important things in the logistics industry. Thanks to the location of our warehouse, we can perfectly optimize shipment schedules for our customers’ orders. Land and air shipping companies are ready for the express collection and delivery of your packages prepared by our shipping team. All this means that all orders placed before 18:00 can be passed on to a courier on the same day! This is a huge time saver and significantly reduces delivery times!

Thanks to us, your products will reach many destinations in Europe within 24 hours. Deliveries to other countries worldwide take an average of 3 to 5 working days. Most importantly, despite such swift delivery times, our services are still offered at very attractive prices. For many customers the cost of delivery is still the most important aspect of purchasing a shipping service. But when it comes to ordering last-minute gifts it becomes less important. In such cases, express delivery is crucial. Logistiko will provide your customers with both! Moreover, you can increase customer confidence with rapid processing of returns. Our team will carry out all operations necessary for efficient handling of returns. We will check the returned product, document its condition, and if it suitable for resale, we will return it to your stock. Logistiko attaches great importance to this issue so as to minimize the complaints associated with returns – to zero.

You can ship anywhere using the Logistiko fulfillment center

The global reach of Logistiko’s fulfillment center enables our customers to increase their market share by rapidly scaling their business for expansion to new international markets, practically overnight. E-commerce industry and online stores make it easier than ever to reach new customers. By offering a global fulfillment services, Logistiko provides its customers with the opportunity to conquer even the most remote markets through fast delivery to the furthest corners of the earth. All you have to do is sign up and deliver your products to us. You can send them yourself or deliver directly from the manufacturer. Loading products into the system should not take long because it can be done by importing a CSV file. By integrating our system with the API of your sales platform, you will be able to keep full track of your orders online at all times, night and day, 24/7. Our team is always ready to receive your delivery and place your products in the warehouse. They are usually ready for sale 24 hours after receipt at the warehouse.

Our talented logistic team keeps up to date with global trends in logistics and warehouse management. We are constantly doing our best to improve the processes that take place in our business. We keep our fingers on the pulse to provide our customers with the lowest prices and the fastest delivery lead times. Since we have been working with the largest shipping and courier companies for many years, our special negotiated rates allow us to ship our customers’ packages for a fraction of the price they would have to pay if shipping the item independently.

If you want to expand your ecommerce business but you are not sure how to do it – choose Logistiko. We will help you to increase your business worldwide and expand in the global market. We will handle your orders and you will focus on growing your business.

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