Logistics services

Our logistics services price list uses a sliding scale, i.e. the more you use the warehouse (amount of used storage space or number of completed orders), the lower the price per unit is. When you begin using our services we do not require any minimum amounts of stored goods, numbers of declarations or numbers of orders.

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Used storage space fees

The table below shows the price list for using our storage space. The goods are measured and weighed on acceptance. On the basis of the measurements we are able to calculate the space taken by each of our customer’s goods (rounded up to a standard euro pallet volume – 1200×800×1440 mm, up to 1000 kg). This allows us to charge our customers for the storage space used in each accounting period at the end of the period. All prices in the price list are net amounts. If you need more space than 128 pallets, please contact us to receive personalized prices.

Number of palletsNumber of SKUs (various products)Monthly fee
18240 zł
432240 zł
864240 zł
1296360 zł
16128480 zł
20160600 zł
24192720 zł
28224840 zł
32256960 zł
362881080 zł
403201200 zł
443521320 zł
483841440 zł
524161560 zł
564481680 zł
604801800 zł
645121920 zł
685442040 zł
725762160 zł
766082280 zł
806402400 zł
846722520 zł
887042640 zł
927362760 zł
967682880 zł
1008003000 zł
1048323120 zł
1088643240 zł
1128963360 zł
1169283480 zł
1209603600 zł
1249923720 zł
12810243840 zł

Warehouse operations – logistics services fees

In calculating the fee for goods release and acceptance of return, two factors are taken into consideration:

– number of orders completed in a month
– product quantity in an order

This means that the first 2500 orders in a given month are calculated according to the prices at the first threshold, while all the following orders are priced according to the second threshold etc. All given prices are net amounts.

Orders quantityPrice for first 5 items in orderPrice for next items in order
25004,69 zł0,99 zł
50004,49 zł0,99 zł
100004,39 zł0,99 zł
150004,29 zł0,99 zł
>200004,19 zł0,99 zł

Additional warehouse services fees

In addition to the above mentioned standard warehouse services (acceptance, release), Logistiko can provide additional warehouse services at the customer’s request:

– Preparing goods (modifying products, creating sets, packages etc.)
– assigning EAN codes and placing them on products (if the products arriving at the warehouse do not have EAN codes)
– labelling products (promotions, excise etc.)
– customs procedures
– wrapping products (protective wrapping, welded packaging film etc.)

All the services mentioned above are priced individually, depending on the workload they require and related products. For other warehouse activities performed at the customer’s request, an hourly rate may be applied – PLN 40.00 per man-hour.
Please contact us if you have questions regarding the provision of any other services not included in this list.

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