1. goods or materials that are dangerous or likely to cause harm to persons or property, including, in particular: flammable, explosive or radioactive materials, corrosives or stinky substances, biologically active substances, 
  2. items excluded from air carriage under applicable laws in the case of combined air-road transportation,
  3. arms and ammunition, three-dimensional printers designed for the manufacture of firearms, knives and other sharp and/or pointed objects,
  4. gambling devices,
  5. works of art, antiques, as well as other things whose value is due to their age, their rarity or their subjective characteristics, precious stones and metals in any form or shape, numismatic items or philatelic collections,  
  6. money, currencies, negotiable securities, documents of a payment nature, identification marks including tickets, registration cards or related stickers, documents of identity or entitlement, vouchers, certificates and any other transferable securities,
  7. tender documents, bids or commercial contracts, medical documents and insurance documents,
  8. telecommunications prepaid cards and activation cards or other cards with similar functions,
  9. drugs or medicines and psychotropic drugs, narcotics and other psychoactive substances, including those popularly known as designer drugs, with the exception of items sent for scientific or medical purposes by statutorily authorized institutions,
  10. tobacco and tobacco products, alcoholic or other excise goods, and other goods that are subject to the Law of 09.03.2017 on the monitoring system of road transport of goods,
  11. food, the transport of which is excluded by law or requires the use of special means and transport equipment,
  12. goods requiring controlled temperature,
  13. plants and plant material, including cut flowers,
  14. live animals including insects and pets,
  15. corpse, human or animal remains, animal furs and skins,
  16. human or animal organs, body fluids, and products of human or animal metabolism, 
  17. goods whose carriage is prohibited by law in the country of origin, transit or destination (e.g., ivory and products made from it),
  18. wet ice,
  19. pornographic materials,
  20. the shipment has inscriptions or drawings on the packaging or in the visible part of the content that violate the rights protected by law,
  21. items whose properties may endanger people or expose other shipments to destruction, damage, soiling, etc., 
  22. the goods, which, due to their characteristics, make it impossible to perform the service with the available means and transport equipment,
  23. items or packages that are prohibited from being shipped under any applicable legal sanctions, for example, because of their contents, because of the recipient or because of the country to or from which they are to be shipped. Legal sanctions means any law, regulation, order or prohibition imposing any sanction (including trade restrictions or economic sanctions) on countries, individuals, legal entities or any other organizational units, including but not limited to the United Nations, the European Union or the member states of the European Union,
  24. any carriers with personal data revealing racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership, with genetic data, with biometric data, in order to uniquely identify a natural person or with data concerning health, sexuality or sexual orientation this person.

The above list is not intended to be exhaustive.