Warehousing and Fulfillment Services

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Goods acceptance

The goods you sell can be sent directly to our warehouse from the producer/importer. We guarantee quick acceptance of the products into stock. Every delivery will be precisely verified and you will receive detailed information.

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Goods Storage

We guarantee optimal conditions for storing your goods. We have the capacity to store over 3,000 pallets with 6,000 places on the shelves. We have a climatic chamber (temperature and humidity control) and a room for goods that undergo strict control.

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Bundle Packing

We offer a wide range of packaging, and you can choose the most suitable envelope, box or filler for each product. Our experienced warehouse team will provide you with the highest level of security for every consignment.

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e-commerce order completion

Order completion

Orders from your store placed before 18:00 CET will be sent on the same day. Our proprietary WMS system, using bar codes with double verification performed by our employees, allows us to minimise the risk of making a mistake in the order completion process.

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We have prepared a dedicated return form to make it easier for customers to follow the procedure. Returned goods are verified and, if their condition allows it, they are immediately returned into stock for sale.

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Couriers - our offer

You gain access to a very favourable parcel service as well as the services offered by Poczta Polska and InPost. The prices for parcel services start at a net price of PLN 7.80. The cheapest form of delivery costs PLN 4.31 (net price).

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Warehousing with Logistiko fulfillment service

When your business grows to such a level that you and your key employees can no longer cope with its efficient handling, it’s time to contact Logistiko for warehousing and fulfillment services. Logistiko’s offer is addressed to entrepreneurs and companies from all over the world and includes excellent customer service, modern technology and the lowest shipping prices. Do not let delays in processing orders affect the reputation you have been building for many years. When the number of orders you receive exceeds your capacity to process them, and makes it impossible for you to ship the goods to your customers within one day, it’s time to use an external logistics services provider – Logistiko. Our world-class warehousing facilities provide the right tools to remotely manage your orders and shipments at any time via a computer, a tablet or a smartphone. You and your employees will finally have time to take a breather and focus on your core business and its expansion. The satisfaction of your customers depends on the level of service provided by you. If you transfer your order processing to Logistiko, you will not only meet but significantly exceed your customers’ expectations regarding delivery times.

Which fulfillment and warehousing services are right for you?

Online shopping, also via mobile devices, is becoming more and more popular. The so-called m-commerce market may soon account for even as much as half of the entire global e-commerce market. M-commerce creates development opportunities for small online stores diverting sales from the big e-commerce merchants. Whether your business operates in the e-commerce or m-commerce sector, Logistiko is ready to provide you with the logistics services and process your orders for various niches. Our website integrates with all major online shopping software and shopping platforms and continues to introduce innovative solutions. Our infrastructure and technology will allow you to gain an unrivaled competitive advantage over other e-commerce and m-commerce businesses.

Our main e-commerce fulfillment center warehouse is located in the middle of Central Europe. This location allows companies from all over the world to conquer the European markets but also allows European businesses to expand onto new markets worldwide. Whether your e-commerce business is from the US, UK, Canada or Australia, Logistiko will deliver your goods fast and for the best price. Our experienced team comprises a group of genuine professionals passionate about their work. We are constantly tracking global trends in the field of logistics, storage, and e-commerce services. We maintain excellent relationships with the largest and best transport companies from all over the world. Thanks to this, we are able to offer the most competitive rates for shipping goods and providing services of the highest quality.

Our experience gained while running allekurier.pl and statkiem.pl has made us well versed in the international rules and regulations for land, sea and air transport. Our highly qualified consultants have extensive knowledge and experience, and are up-to-date with the international regulations applied by customs agencies in many countries. We have recommendations on shipping dangerous goods, medicines, or packaging standards. Outsourcing warehousing and fulfillment services for e-commerce businesses will avoid many hours of tedious work involved in searching for information about global regulation. Thanks to Logistiko you don’t have to spend time studying those specialist areas, but can use the saved time for growing your business.

Various types of companies providing ecommerce warehousing and fulfillment services

Logistiko offers comprehensive order processing along with door-to-door shipping for e-commerce businesses. Simply send the SKU Product List to Logistiko and then integrate it into our CRM to arrive at the brink of a great opportunity for the rapid expansion of your business. Logistiko will allow you to manage your orders from anywhere in the world and at any time. Our modern system will easily adapt to your growing sales level. With us you can count on the lowest shipping costs from the very beginning of our cooperation, regardless of the number of packages you ship.

warehousing and fulfillment service

Logistiko offers a comprehensive fulfillment service for e-commerce business. We provide clear rules for accepting merchandise, a user-friendly order management panel with a competent personal helpdesk consultant ready to assist you at any time, the ability to manage entire campaigns, and a return processing service. Our experienced warehouse staff are able to unpack a full pallet in just 15 minutes, check stock status, and place products based on your guidelines.

Choosing the right warehousing and fulfillment service

Logistiko tools allow for an instant submission of orders via CRM, integrated e-commerce platform, CSV file or even by manually entering a specific order into our system. All orders are delivered in real time and can be tracked and reported 24 hours a day. You can check your stock levels at any time, including the predicted stock out time based on your current orders and the full shipping statistics. When our team receive returns to the warehouse, they perform a detailed visual and photographic inspection of the returned goods. We check for possible damage, completeness and correct packaging in order to determine if the item can be returned to the inventory. If the product passes such an inspection, it is returned to the stock and re-entered into to the system. The customer can monitor the whole process and can generate a report of interest at any time.

How do fulfillment warehouses differ?

When processing orders in the e-commerce sector, attention to detail is of utmost importance. The packaging, shipping method, delivery speed, and customer service quality are just some of the things Logistiko takes care of for you – perfectly. Our warehouse is equipped with the necessary high-end infrastructure for a rapid preparation and dispatch of goods. Special packing zones with specialized tables for packing goods are ready to prepare any item for shipping. Various types of boxes, cartons, paper, bubble wrap, and other materials to protect your products during transportation are always available and ready for use. Our staff are professionals who know exactly how each item should be packed. They do it quickly and efficiently.

Allow Logistiko to take care of your orders and you will open a new chapter in the development of your company. You will be able to increase your international reach and focus on the expansion of your business.


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