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Goods acceptance

The goods you sell can be sent directly to our warehouse from the producer/importer. We guarantee quick acceptance of the products into stock. Every delivery will be precisely verified and you will receive detailed information.

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Goods Storage

We guarantee optimal conditions for storing your goods. We have the capacity to store over 3,000 pallets with 6,000 places on the shelves. We have a climatic chamber (temperature and humidity control) and a room for goods that undergo strict control.

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logistiko warehouse package

Bundle Packing

We offer a wide range of packaging, and you can choose the most suitable envelope, box or filler for each product. Our experienced warehouse team will provide you with the highest level of security for every consignment.

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e-commerce order completion

Order completion

Orders from your store placed before 18:00 CET will be sent on the same day. Our proprietary WMS system, using bar codes with double verification performed by our employees, allows us to minimise the risk of making a mistake in the order completion process.

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We have prepared a dedicated return form to make it easier for customers to follow the procedure. Returned goods are verified and, if their condition allows it, they are immediately returned into stock for sale.

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Couriers - our offer

You gain access to a very favourable parcel service as well as the services offered by Poczta Polska and InPost. The prices for parcel services start at a net price of PLN 7.80. The cheapest form of delivery costs PLN 4.31 (net price).

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