Warehouse operations

What warehouse operations does Logistiko perform?

Logistiko provides comprehensive warehouse operations, including acceptances, releases and goods returns. In addition, we conduct ongoing inventory control as well as additional activities related to pre-sale preparation. Our warehouse staff can, if needed, label goods with bar codes, prepare the goods for sale, protect them (wrap etc.) and perform other specialised operations.

How do you know how many products are to be sent and to whom?

All of the warehouse operations of the warehouse staff are based on the orders we receive from you. The warehouse staff can accept or release any quantity of goods that you specify through the orders created on the customer panel or transferred directly from your store.

How is a delivery announced?

An announcement of delivery (or delivery notification) is a delivery acceptance order created via the customer panel. The delivery note should contain information about the type and amount of the goods to arrive at the warehouse and the time of the delivery.

What does the goods acceptance look like?

Every product delivered to the Logistiko warehouse undergoes double verification. When the goods are received from the deliverer/courier, the warehouse staff verify the consistency of the delivery with the shipping documentation (usually the Goods Issued Note issued by the deliverer). If everything is correct, the warehouse staff confirm the receipt of goods. After the deliverer/courier leaves the warehouse staff begin the acceptance process. They perform a thorough verification of the correctness of the delivery (whether the received goods and their quantities are consistent with the delivery note) and check to ensure that the delivered goods are deficiency- and damage-free. In short, they check whether the received delivery is complete and undamaged. If everything is correct – the products go to the shelves and become available for sale.

How does the order release for goods work?

The release of goods is the main task of the warehouse staff. Releases are based on your customers’ orders transferred directly from your store (if it is integrated with our system) or entered by you through the customer panel. A release order, in other words the order completion request, contains information about the goods to be released (which products and what quantities) and the address to which the parcel is to be sent. You can attach PDF files to each release order (e.g. invoice, specifications), which will be printed out and attached to the parcel.

What are the stages for the release of goods?

Every release process consists of two stages in the warehouse operations. The first stage is “Order Picking”, where the warehouse staff look for the ordered goods on the racks and collect the correct quantities of the products. The stage is controlled by our WMS system, which indicates to our staff where to find the products and checks if the correct amount of goods has been collected. A picked order is then forwarded to packing, where the goods are packed into parcels, with documents printed and attached to the parcel. The shipping note for the courier company of your choice responsible for the delivery of the parcel is printed out as well. At this stage, our WMS system again verifies the consistency of the goods released by the warehouse staff with the order. Another verification of the goods included in the order is performed to minimise the risk of mistakes. The prepared parcels are put aside and wait for the courier to collect them.

What does the process of handling returns look like?

NHandling returns is one of the major problems for online stores. Customers often send products back without any notification; therefore, it is difficult to determine who returned the products and why. To solve this issue, every order completed by the warehouse on your behalf has a special link to a return form. If the customer wishes to return the goods, it is enough to click on the link and state the cause for the return. The customer will be given the return code, which has to be printed out and attached to the parcel. It allows you to know immediately who sent the products back and why.

How often is an inventory control performed?

A complete inventory control is performed once a year. We consult you concerning the date every time. To ensure ongoing control and correctness of the stock, our warehouse performs a continuous inventory control. This means that after every few product picks an inventory control of every product and every shelf is performed.

What is preparation?

Preparation is one of the warehouse operations performed to prepare a product for sale. Our customers often sell their products in sets. Such a set may consist of goods from different manufacturers, which arrived at the warehouse as different deliveries. Preparation is creating a set (a new “product”) from a number of different, single products. It allows your customers to put a set in the cart, rather than several individual products. The warehouse is able to complete such an order more quickly as it has sets ready to be released.

How can I check whether my order has been completed?

You can check progress at every stage of the operations in the warehouse. Every order (release order) has several statuses/stages. “Accepted” means that the warehouse staff received the order. “Order picking” is the first stage of completion, and consists in collecting the required quantities of goods from the shelves. “Packing” is preparing the order to be sent. “Completed” orders are those waiting for the courier to pick up. Additionally, when an order is completed, you will be notified of the fact with an e-mail. The recipient of the parcel may also receive such a notification.