Warehouse management

Warehouse management as a basis of e-commerce fulfillment

As soon as you begin to use our services, our warehouse becomes your warehouse. This means you need to have full insight into the warehouse management and full control over everything that takes place there. We want everybody who gives their goods into our safekeeping to feel safe and have the ability to manage them as if the goods were in their own warehouse. This applies to our warehouse staff as well, as operations performed by our employees must undergo the same inspection as if they were performed by our customers’ employees.

Our goal during the process of designing our WMS system was to provide our customers with real-time information about their stock, as well as to provide them with full control over how operations are assigned to our warehouse staff. Every operation performed by the warehouse staff is immediately reflected in the real-time order status. This allows all our customers to remain up-to-date with the progress of the operations. All warehouse procedures are divided into easy-to-monitor and analyse stages. As each stage is performed it is registered in the system in a way that every customer is kept fully aware of what is happening and retains control over the operations undertaken by the warehouse staff as if they were actually present in the warehouse.

In addition, the notification system in warehouse management informs the customers every time that individual orders are completed.

Since all the goods stored at our warehouse always belong to our customers, they can request order release, goods acceptance, goods returns, and inventory control of some or all the goods in stock. This allows our customers to perform more regular and accurate stock inspections than the usual inventory control conducted every year.

Additionally, our warehouses may also operate in continuous inventory mode. This means that after every pre-defined number of products are picked an inventory control of the location will be performed to check for any discrepancies in stock quantities.