Storing goods

Who is the owner of the goods stored at Logistiko warehouse?

Storing goods is only service so you are always the owner of your goods stored at the Logistiko warehouse!

Who is responsible for storing goods at Logistiko warehouse?

From the moment of goods acceptance, the products are in our care. We make sure that the stock quantity is always correct and we are responsible for any damage that may occur during storage.

Are the warehouse and stored goods insured?

Yes, storing goods in our warehouse is completely safe. The warehouse and all the goods stored in it are insured to their full value at all times. We are responsible for all formalities related to the insurance of the warehouse and goods. We only expect you to inform us about the value of your goods to allow us to update the insurance as required. The value of the goods is stated every time you enter a new product into the product register.

Do I have any influence on the way my products are stored?

Every time you send new goods that may require special storage conditions or protection, you must inform us about this. The warehouse is designed to store products in special conditions (zonal temperature and air humidity control etc.). Any additional information about your product will allow us to provide better protection of your products and to guarantee
a suitable storage method at all times. Our experienced warehouse staff will decide on the placement of your products on the shelves and racks. They will place your goods in the warehouse in such a way that allows your orders to be completed efficiently and quickly.

How many products can I store at Logistiko?

We do not have any limits related to the amount of goods stored at the Logistiko warehouse or storage space for your products. You decide how much space you need and how many products you want to store at the Logistiko warehouse. All charges are always calculated based on the current use of the storage space, so you do not have to declare in advance how much space you need. You can store one pallet today and 10 pallets next week. To make sure there is enough free space in the warehouse, such as when you want to use considerably more space than you do currently, please let us know.