How to begin

Can I test the Logistiko services before I decide to use the services?

This is main question about how to begin with Logistiko. The answer is: Yes. On you can create a account for free and without any obligation. You can see what the customer panel looks like and test the operation of all the warehouse operations, e.g. goods acceptance or order completion. A demo account allows you to simulate the operations of the warehouse, to see all the stages of order completion and to see how the e-mail notification system works (i.e. communication with the warehouse).

How do I start using Logistiko warehouse?

First of all, we would like to encourage you to create a free demo account and inspect the customer panel, where you can request tasks for the warehouse and monitor the progress of operations. If any new questions arise during testing, we will gladly answer them. After finishing the tests, you just have to complete a registration form to transform your demo account into an actual account. Then you only have to deliver your goods to the warehouse.

What information is necessary to start?

To create a demo account you just need to enter a contact e-mail address. After finishing the tests you can, at any time of your choice, transform the demo account into an actual account. This will allow you to deliver goods to the warehouse. To do this, you must complete a registration form with some basic company details: tax identification number (NIP), address etc. Then you can start using all of our services.

When can I start using the warehouse?

You decide when to start. You can test the functioning of the customer panel for as long as you want. When you decide to start using it for real, you just have to complete the registration form and schedule the first delivery. If you want to integrate your online store with our warehouse management system, please let us know. We will agree together on the most convenient integration method and evaluate the amount of time needed. So that’s all answers for the question “how to begin?”.