Goods acceptance just in time

Efficient goods acceptance into the warehouse requires preparation especially for just in time delivery. For this reason we ask our customers to enter information about the date, source and content of each delivery into the WMS system. Necessary information:

  • scheduled delivery date
  • source of delivery (name of deliverer)
  • list of products in the delivery
goods receipt form

This information allows our warehouse staff to verify the delivery as quickly as possible, verify the consistency of the delivery with the delivery note and place the goods in the warehouse in such a way that allows them to be released quickly. Combining the delivery notification system with the release order processing module allows us to handle just in time deliveries as well by means of the cross-dock method. This means that if delivered goods are to be released immediately, the warehouse staff will not waste time transporting them to standard storage places in the warehouse. The goods will be transported to a quick-release area where they can be released immediately.

Goods acceptance procedure (just in time)

Our customers submit the goods acceptance order document in an electronic form only, directly from their IT systems, at least 1 working day before the scheduled delivery, in
a format and by a method specified in the API documentation made available by the Contractor or via the Customer Panel (

Every goods acceptance order should, whenever possible, contain: type and quantity of goods to be accepted, delivery method (own means of transport, shipping), the date and additional marking of the delivery (e.g. shipping note number).

After reviewing the delivery note, we confirm the possibility of unloading the delivery on the indicated date, or state the closest possible date.

During unloading we conduct an initial delivery correctness inspection, we verify visible damage, access to content and protection of goods (seals on the shipping containers etc.).