Labeling and fiscal marking under customs surveillance

Logistiko is expanding its services to labeling and fiscal marking (including bottles) under customs surveillance.

By using the latest technologies and our vast experience, we can provide exceptional efficiency of up to 30,000 bottles per day, which equals half a million bottles within a month. This significantly surpasses conventional manual methods.

Why is labeling essential?

Producers and importers are required to label their goods before placing them on the market. Our comprehensive labeling services include everything from putting the necessary information on packaging (producer’s details, caloric value, “use by” date) to special markings for food and alcohol. At Logistiko, we ensure that labels are not only compliant, but also esthetically pleasing, which makes your product stand out on the market.

Who is the service intended for?

  • Alcohol industry: producers and importers of alcohol products — labeling and fiscal marking are key to guarantee product authenticity, compliance with legal requirements and availability of information regarding origin and alcohol content.
  • Food industry: in this industry, labeling is necessary to provide information on ingredients, caloric value, allergens and “use by” dates, which is key to consumer safety.
  • Pharmaceutical industry: precise labeling in the pharmaceutical industry is critical to ensure patient safety, compliance with regulations and batch traceability.
  • Cosmetic industry: in this industry, labels play a significant marketing role while informing consumers about product composition, intended use and contradictions.
  • Producers of consumer goods: in this group, labeling and fiscal marking make products stand out, allow you to build your brand and ensure compliance with labeling regulations.

Labeling outsourcing as the perfect solution for your business!

The outsourcing of labeling activities is the perfect solution for businesses that do not have their own logistics capabilities or those who value efficiency and flexibility. We do not only offer labeling, but also a number of different services, such as assistance in compiling customs documents, marking alcohol and storing goods in suitable conditions.

Automation as a means of ensuring efficiency

Modern manufacturing processes require automation, and labeling is no exception. Our advanced equipment allows us to offer quick and accurate labeling, minimizing the risk of errors and improving the durability and legibility of labels. This, in turn, helps our clients save time and money. They can also be sure that their products are properly marked.

Join other satisfied Logistiko’s clients

Choose Logistiko —a company that has been offering comprehensive logistics services since 2014. By doing so, we have earned the trust of our clients and strengthened our market position. Join a group of satisfied customers and let us handle your labeling activities with utmost care and professionalism.

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