cost of storage unit

Cost of storage unit in e-commerce

What needs to be remembered about cost of storage unit in e-commerce Increasing the number of orders, expanding the product range, new sales channels; the business is growing and evolving. Everything generates profit and it is certainly a reason to be happy. Along with increase in sales, one should also ensure product availability and retain […]

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verification of delivery to internet shop

Organising of deliveries in the internet shop

As has been highlighted above, the efficient acceptance of deliveries may directly affect the overall performance of the warehouse, measured as the daily number of executed orders and, at the same time, customer satisfaction. This is of particular significance when we decide to work with low stock on hand and just-in-time deliveries. What should we do in order to prevent unaccepted deliveries from paralysing the work of the warehouse?

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happy businessman uses warehouse management system

Warehouse Management System – element of an effective warehouse

In the previous article we discussed the issue of which warehouse operations exert the greatest influence on how customers evaluate the work of the warehouse and that of our shop. We concluded that, depending on the mode of warehouse work, each of the warehouse operations may be of key significance. Before we start discussing the warehouse operations in detail, it is worth mentioning the significance of Warehouse Management Systems in supporting them. Furthermore, we should also discuss whether it is possible to organise an effective warehouse for our online shop without a Warehouse Management System.

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